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Потеря управляемости самолётом Air Astana P4-KCJ

11 ноября 2018 года повторился случай с Ту-154 ВВС России , который произошёл 29 апреля 2011 года. Тогда Ту-154Б-2 RA-85563  вылетел с аэродрома Чкаловский в Самару на ремонт и потерял управление. Лётчикам стоило большого труда совладать с машиной и безопасно посадить её на землю.
В Поругалии случилось похожее. Самолёт был после ТО и летел обратно в Казахстан , но после взлёта из Лиссабона (аэропорт Альверка) с управлением что-то случилось и борт начало лихорадить в полёте. На борту было три члена экипажа и три пассажира. Посадку решено делать на аэродроме Beja . Сели с третьего раза . Два F-16 португальских ВВС шли эскортом. Пилоты и пассажиры пережили эмоциональное потрясение.
Embraer ERJ-190LR "Air Astana" P4-KCJ | Flight KC1388 Лиссабон-Минск-Астана (в Минске должна была быть дозаправка)
P4-KCJ Air Astana

An Air Astana Embraer ERJ-190, registration P4-KCJ performing flight KC-1388 from Alverca (Portugal) to Minsk (Belarus) and further on to Almaty (Kazakhstan) with 3 crew and 3 passengers, was in the initial climb in adverse meteorologic conditions when the crew felt the aircraft did not adequately respond to control inputs, the autopilot could not be engaged. The aircraft developed oscillatory wing movements despite the crew using the controls in all three aircraft axis to counter and minimize the oscillations. The aircraft and occupants encountered high G-loads. The crew declared emergency considering to ditch the aircraft in the ocean due to the lack of control while continuing to struggle with the aircraft, none of the aircraft systems issued any indication of malfunction, only alerts for abnormal flight attitudes occurred. The crew lost control completely several times but were able to regain control to some extent. In discussion between the 3 pilots on board as well as the 3 technicians the crew decided to disable the flight control module (FCM) and put the flight controls into direct mode. Thereafter the situation improved considerably, however, without restoring normal operation as difficulties to control the aircraft's roll axis (ailerons, bank angle) remained. The crew realized the ailerons were behaving erratically and reduced roll control to an absolute minimum. After the crew was able to maintain heading and altitude the crew decided to look for an airport in good weather, a plan was developed with ATC to land at Beja (Portugal). A pair of F-16 fighter aircraft by Portugal's Air Force joined the aircraft. A landing was intended on Beja's runway 19R, the aircraft needed to go around twice due to unstabilized approaches, approached runway 19R a third time and touched down on runway 19L due to being unable to correct the drift. 2 occupants were taken to a hospital.
Portugal's GPIAA rated the occurrence a serious incident and reported on Nov 14th 2018: "All on board were physically and emotionally shaken, one of the passengers sustaining a leg injury." The investigation is ongoing, the GPIAA commented: "Still pending confirmation from the undertaking of additional testing, the evidence that was possible to collect at the time of drafting this Note suggests the existence of failures in the aircraft roll controls configuration, consistent with possible disturbance during maintenance actions."
The aircraft had undergone maintenance in Alverca and was on its first flight after maintenance.

- P4-KCJ (2016 год)

Самолёт всё ещё в Португалии. Видимо, что-то серьёзное с аппаратурой...
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