SashaShmel (mil_avia) wrote,

Опознание шведа в калининградском небе

Шведский шпион - завсегдатай на Балтике . Летает туда-сюда  и крутится в калининградской зоне часто .

Сегодня на его опознание вылетал перехватчик с Черняховска.

Бортовые после сближения. Цель - Гольфстрим ВВС Швеции, бортовой номер 023 , идёт на курсе 240 , на высоте 13 тысяч

Вот он . Известен на Радарах как Swedish Air Force Gulfstream Aerospace S102B Korpen (G-IV) 102003 (023) . Позывной SVF623 (SweForce623)
Swedish Air Force Gulfstream Aerospace S102B Korpen (G-IV) 102003 (023) BMA 140217

Подпись к этой фотографии на Фликре

The aircraft is designated the S102B Korpen in Flygvapnet service the aircraft is used in the SIGINT role. SIGINT is intelligence-gathering by interception of signals, whether between people (COMINT) or involving electronic signals not directly used in communication (ELINT) and can be a combinations of the two. Based at Malmen in the east of the country with 73 SIGINT Squadron, the aircraft were procured in 1995 to replace the outdated TP85 Sud Aviation Caravelle which had been in service since 1971. The Aircraft was finally retiered in 1998 after the S102B gained it Full mission capability. Both aircraft fitted out for the role come under the command of Transport & Special Flights Unit who are responsible for the care and maintenance of the SIS Division aircraft. Flown with a crew of 6 (pilot, co-pilot and four system operators), the aircraft is externally characterised by sensor fairings on either side of its nose and forward fuselage, a canoe fairing below its forward fuselage and an array of hook and blade antennas installed on the lower surfaces of its wings, fuselage centre section and rear fuselage. The S 102B provides intelligence data for the Swedish government's security agency (the FRA), the SF and the Swedish Navy. When operating with the armed services, the Korpen down links data directly to combined air operations centres and navy surface combatants. The two aircraft got the individual names “Hugin” and “Munin” after the Scandiavian ancient God Oden’s two ravens, who saw everything that happened in the world.

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