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AirNav анонсирует космический ADS-B

Новинка в радарспоттинге . AirNav RadarBox в следующем году предлагает фичу в Бизнес-аккаунте (400 баксов / год)  - SPACE BASED ADS-B

Как они пишут - приёмники сигналов с самолётов будут стоять на нано-спутниках

Space based ADS-B uses data from receivers that are placed on nano-satellite constellations in space to track aircraft as they fly. With space based ADS-B, we’ll be able to track aircraft anywhere on earth, even over oceans. Thus allowing 100 percent global air traffic surveillance regardless of terrain, location or infrastructure. Tracking is not affected by weather or other natural phenomenon. For a long time, we’ve wanted to guarantee worldwide nonstop flight tracking without interruptions or delays and now we can.

Обещают 100% покрытие

100% world-wide coverage.
Overall efficient routing, fewer delays & enhanced saftey.
Full integration with existing ground-based systems.
Full compliance with FAA/EASA/ICAO flight tracking requirements.

Трекинг самолётов из своего списка "My fleet"

Tracking your aircraft is easier than ever with our brand new user interface. Once you subscribe for a business account, just go to the "My Fleet" section, enter you aircraft regiatration/tail-number and activate satellite data for each aircraft registration. Thats it! You should be able to monitor your fleet instantly.

Есть одно НО . У них много блокированных эйркрафтов (BLOCKED) . Поэтому к ним я захожу не так часто .

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