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Рашн милитари экшнс неар Латвиан бордер

Министерство обороны Латвии[констатирует]

In the build up to the joint Russia-Belarus military exercise Zapad 2017, in recent days Russia has intensified the military actions of its armed forces near the Latvian border.
Last week Russian Armed Forces began arriving in Belarus for the joint military training Zapad 2017. This drill, hosted by Belarus, will take place on 14 – 20 September.
Not so long ago, Russia's Pskov Airborne Troops Division performed a military show, which included paratrooper drop exercise and elimination of armed militant groups.
On 15 August, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod, Smolensk and Ivanovo units of the 1st Tank Army of Russia’s Western Military District tested their combat readiness in scope of preparations for the Zapad 2017 military exercise.
1 000 troops and 150 vehicles of Kaliningrad region took part in a battalion tactical training.
Tactical air training of Baltic Fleet marine aviation continues. More than 30 Russian air force planes and Su-24, Su-27, Mi-24, Ka-27 helicopters are performing air combat manoeuvres over the Baltic Sea.
Moreover, several Russian Air Force planes have been detected flying near the Latvia border this week, including two aerial reconnaissance planes IL-20, and ships like corvette Serpukhov 563 and DSRV-equipped SS-750 have also been spotted near Latvia’s border.
That means Russia has entered into an active, month-long advance period leading up to the military training Zapad 2017 and Russian Armed Force units are moving into their training areas.
Ministry of Defence would like to remind that there is no direct military threat to Latvia.
Latvian Armed Forces have intensified the monitoring of national borders and exchange of vital strategic, tactical and operational data with allied forces since annexation of Crimea and Russia’s aggression in Ukraine in 2014. Latvian Armed Forces will continue close monitoring of the national border and will respond to any incidents appropriately.
Information prepared by:
Anete Gneze
Head of the Media Relations Section
Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Latvia
Phone: (+371)6 7335093, (+371)26474087

Вобщем, латвийские военные в курсе про учения "Запад-2017" и что там будет много техники и личного состава . Перемещения войск РФ  около границ республики  не являются угрозой безопасности Латвии. Держат руку на пульсе, так сказать.  Это так, коротко, что здесь перечислено.

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