August 22nd, 2017


OE-HOO из Москвы в Калининград

Днём из Внуково в Храброво прилетел чартерный джет . Возможно, новости приоткроют  визитёра ...

CL30 : Bombardier Challenger 300 OE-HOO | Flight AOJ71F (AOJ - Avcon Jet AG , Austria) | VKO-KGD

- На Флайтрадаре не виден регистрационный номер. Зато его видно на RadarBox . И номер рейса (AOJ71F)


Рашн спай плэйн

Иностранная пресса опять возбудилась по поводу наших спайплэйнов. Летають, дескать , без включённых транспондеров туды-сюды  !

Начали литовцы с официального сообщения :
Rugpjūčio 14–20 d. NATO oro policijos funkcijas Baltijos šalyse vykdantys naikintuvai tris kartus kilo atpažinti ir lydėti tarptautinėje oro erdvėje virš Baltijos jūros skridusių Rusijos Federacijos karinių orlaivių

Новость подхватил Newsweek и написал статью :

NATO air police jets intercepted Russian air force spy planes above the Baltic Sea on three occasions in the space of just two days, Lithuania’s Ministry of Defense announced on Monday.
Lithuania and Estonia host a small group of NATO jets sent by different allies which patrol the skies above all three Baltic countries, including Latvia. The planes scramble to identify and track incoming, unidentified aircraft—often Russian military jets—as a reinforcement measure for their relatively small armed forces.

They flew sorties three times between Thursday and Friday last week after spotting Russian Ilyushin Il-20 jets—a variant of Russia's Il-18, but kitted out with lateral view radar, scanners and other radio-electronic surveillance capabilities.
The first NATO sortie pursued two Il-20 planes, flying from mainland Russia to its Baltic enclave Kaliningrad, both with their transponders switched off.
The second sortie chased after another plane seemingly making the return journey to the Russian mainland later in the day, also without a transponder switched on. The second Il-20 flight from Kaliningrad to the mainland zipped past the Baltics on Friday. In all four cases the Russian aircraft followed a flight plan. It is not immediately clear if the two jets flying to Kalinigrad were the same as those that made the journey back.