SashaShmel (mil_avia) wrote,

N650GL Mikonos - Внуково ( и в обход Украины)

Бизджет сей,  вроде как,  за НОВАТЭКом числится.

С отдыха на греческом острове летел, вероятно. Даже олигархи в Греции отдыхают!

Через Украину и бизджетам запрещено летать ? Так у него номерок американский . Даже под таким прикрытием не решился...

29.04.2016 | 18:23
All eyes were on the hyper luxury yacht US$ 150 million ‘Pacific’ that dropped anchor at the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos, Friday.
  The island is a popular destination for the word’s jet set, and as summer approaches these vessels will be a more frequent sight for the locals.
  The luxurious cruiser, which was built in Germany in 2012, is made out of aluminium and can host 12 people and 28 crew members!It is fitted with a spa, a gym, an elevator, internal and external jacuzzis, a cinema theatre, a helipad, underwater lights and a garage for a speed boat.

According to, "Pacific" belongs to Russian Leonid Mikhelson whose Net Worth is estimated at US$ 16.5 billion, as he is the owner of Novatek, Russia's largest independent natural gas producer.


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